@aral RSSqueue - static data replication with Lua webdb

The first problem is high volume RSS, if your computer is off at night your RSS aggregator misses out.
The solution: a database memory, replication pull and a client to query the local db.

An example: TV rss open data, which shows the convenience of having a local db so the client can simply be a browser app.



Capitalism has already sealed the fate of the 21st century in 1990 when the climate safety limit was definitively left behind. Since then politicians have the self-assigned task to manage the perception of the population that something is being done about it.

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency, November 2019

There seem to be people who haven't seen the light of the donut and go it alone, some as angry as the capitalists who don't even need to see it. So much for empathy.

There is a good point in saying that climate change is a problem that you cannot solve if you don't understand it.

But capitalism doesn't seek to solve problems, it only seeks to profit from them.


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