I’ve been mulling over what it might look like and how it might be useful to offer an activitypub powered social network to local orgs for marginalized folks. For example, how it much be doable/useful to offer queer folk in my area a different platform to organize and interact on. Anyone know of communities who have already tried this?

@activitypub #ActivityPub

@dorian this is super interesting!

I invite you to join the #SocialHub community and create a topic in the #FediverseFutures category, explaining the idea in more detail.

What you might also do is use the #fediverse futures brainstorming space on #Lemmy instead, at: lemmy.ml/c/fediversefutures

Currently we have various groups considering bringing new application types to fedi, and some great collab is possible.

@humanetech @dorian I would like it to be easier for small non technical organisations to be able to set up and run their own web presence, as described at https://wordpress.debian.social/jlines/2021/11/11/small-organisation-server-the-target/ As a Debian developer I would like this entirely Debian based, but pragmatically Yunohost looks a better route for Oxford Phab Club https://oxford-phab.wp.paladyn.org/ for example, in the short term.
@gert @dorian @humanetech @aral Self hosting is good in many ways, but tricky to generalise due to lack of static IP addresses. Freedombox https://freedombox.org/ is good in that area (I am a contributor), but the complexities of running behind a home router introduce obstacles.

@jlines @dorian @aral @humanetech The transistor was invented around 1925. The first one was built in 1960. Fibre optics was available in 1985, I still don't have it at home. It is this kind of lameness that we are being put up with, because there is no "business case" for it.

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