For everyone in the EU who wants to work on the future of social media, the metaverse, interoperability and openness.

Please don't start working for Facebook. You won't be part of the solution, you won't improve the world. At most, you will hinder the actual technical innovations we both dream of.

Organise yourselves, look for leaders to start a co-operative or nonprofit and work with everything you have to bring the true vision of ethical technology to the masses.

@gert Entrepreneurial people if you like that wording better. I think the success of a movement depends on individuals taking the lead and letting others join in by enthusing them. But organising a group of people is hard, especially if you want to achieve something in the real world (not just have another hobby project).

Having individuals saying 'boo big tech is bad' is not enough to change (to small tech? :-)


@Erik ..said the business man to the hobbyist?

@gert I'm just a university student. But if you want to frame it as if we are really different, I would prefer 'says the realist to the idealist'.

Also, I'm just trying to make a point after I read the FB blog. So if you have other ideas or disagree with my point, please nuance me / convince me that there is a flaw in my reasoning. Happy to learn from you :-)

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