I'm happy that I'll be part of two meetings this month in front of the EU Commission talking about decentralized social networks and the work we've done socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

I believe this conversation is an important one to have, and I'd like to expand on why below.

You've probably noticed that governance bodies all across the world (including the US, and in the EU but definitely elsewhere as well) are taking note about the shape of social networks.

Here's some early draft legislation from the EU. It says "gatekeepers" 16 times in 6 pages:


@cwebber @how Politicians, who are having coffee with GMAFIA lobbyists on a regular basis, are being told not to listen to people of the fediverse, because it is just an amateur club that doesn't contribute to economic growth. As a result we are being reduced to exactly that and hence forced to DIY.

The catch being that infinite economic growth is impossible..

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