Me, replying to a question about TypeScript: Sorry, I don’t use TypeScript for the same reason I don’t code in Java and transpile to JavaScript :)

Wait, you don’t think…

*goes to check…*

Sweet jeez, of course someone’s made a tool for that…

*smh* :)


Don’t get me wrong: your IDE using/intuiting TypeScript type definitions to help you code: great.

Coding in TypeScript: not so great.

(Which shall become apparent in five years’ time for all the reasons no one writes CoffeeScript today.)

I mean, heck, enterprise folks have been trying to make JavaScript into Java for as long as I can remember. It’s the reason ECMAScript 4 was abandoned in the ActionScript days. The fallout literally held JS back for a decade until ES6.


@aral It is worrying where Deno is going with TS "as a path to programming in Rust." Because who needs Rust if you have Deno??

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