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I don't want replies in my Home timeline, unless they're in a conversation I'm a part of.

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Regarding : it was relatively easy to set up, and will more-or-less work for my two blogs separated by paths (though Commento also assumes one blog per subdomain and breaks with unhelpful messages if you include a path in your subdomain).

It doesn't do Oauth to Mastodon/Pleroma. There's an open MR to implement that, but it's poorly documented. I'd help, but it's and that bugs me even more than JS.

I also don't know at all and am a mere dabbler in JavaScript, but is simple enough and laid out in such a way that seems to work for my Python/Django-trained brain. The one twist is that the client-side code has to be built after changes, which took some time to figure out.

As part of the process, I'll try adding docs to the fork about modifying it; so many projects lack even a basic explanation of how to make changes to the code.

Schnack works, mostly, and let me comment on my blog using this account. But it has a giant assumption baked in: you will run your blog on one domain, and you will run Schnack on a subdomain of that same domain. My blog is at and I'm using an Apache Location clause to send to, well, schnack.

So I'm forking it to remove this assumption or at least allow it to be overridden.

Because I don't have enough projects going already.

Are there any comment systems that work with a static blog generator like and allow Mastodon/Pleroma users to authenticate against their home instances (via Oauth)?

I am seeing ( in this space, but it is hard to tell how baked it is.

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I'm working on a PR to an oauth library. In my resaurch I noticed that Pleroma and Mastodon have very different templates for handing off the oauth access-token using the `urn:ietf:...` redirect_uri.

I wondered if you could point me to where in the fedilab source you deal with this problem, and if you had any insights into how services _should_ implement that token handoff?

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I love the idea of the #fediverse, where there are all these different services that can all talk and share stuff on the same underlying framework.
The HUGE issue I'm having is I still have to make accounts on almost a dozen servers to be able to share different kinds of content. #Pixelfed for images, #mastodon for short messages, #Plume for blogging, and now #prismo for reddit-esk news.
Whatever happened to federated logins like #OpenID that let me use my main to sign into other sites? 🤔😓

i wrote a blog post about activitypub! i promise it's different from everyone else's blog posts about activitypub, probably!
many thanks to @cwebber for inspiring me to write this
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