A Firefox addon that appends nonsense tracking parameters (?utm, clickid, etc) to most requests, just to poison the data collected by trackers.

That project might either be a joke or simply dead. The corresponding github repo has no plugin, and there's nothing on the chrome store (obviously).

The concept is sound, though; it's trivially easy to fake tracking data, and only a little bit harder to build a tracking token sharing platform (to deliberately screw with analysis that links tracking tokens to location or other data).

@sir Yeah, I have a whole separate firefox install with that addon for doing Sleeping Giants work. That and a spider makes for rapid tracking profile acquisition without having to be exposed to an excessive amount of Breitbart.


how about an addon that just replies to all tracking requests with a link to Alexei Sayle, on youtube, shouting "SOD OFF SOD OFF SOD OFF SOD OFF SOD OFF SOD OFF!" ?

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