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I'm a bit irked by the (admittedly tiny) role s.c had in legitimizing those who hounded kaniini off the fediverse.

My understanding was that silencing a lot of pleroma instances (including the ones kaniini ran) was capitulation to a cancel mob primarily to prevent said mob from targeting s.c. I could be wrong about that story, but the handful of times I've brought it up have had minimal response thus far.

Irked for a while, but now it might be time to migrate.

@charlag @Matt_Noyes Kaniini's departure was relatively recent, like over the holidays. s.c.'s capitulation to the mob was probably at least a year ago. governance, kaniini 

@gdorn ? when was this? governance, kaniini 

@gdorn I do not use except for as a way to re-broadcast #coop oriented stuff to the broader fediverse. governance, kaniini 

@gdorn ur instance is problematic, for sure, and if you want suggestions i like to keep tabs on good instances that seem healthy. But also, kaniini and the other pleroma devs do not need your sympathy. I am aware of the cancel mob you allude to, and falling in line with them is trashy. governance, kaniini 

@Moss Regardless of whatever transpired, I spent a good chunk of last summer doing fedi dev myself and kaniini's assistance was very helpful. Having more types of servers at much smaller scales is, imo, healthier than having just giant mastodon instances, and pleroma helps with that.

I do wish they'd curate the list of pleroma instances just a touch, and remove some obvious bad actors, though. governance, kaniini 

@gdorn understandable, just don't take issue with those that are wary or defederated from that lot because most of the good ones are for decent reason. governance, kaniini 

@Moss Yeah, I take no issue with anybody who chooses to block or silence any user or instance, for any reason.

I take issue with the way in which silenced those instances at the behest of users not even on this server, without polling the userbase about it, or even notifying us (as far as I saw). I'm also unsure how anybody would find out about said silencing except by accident (the way I found out). governance, kaniini 

@gdorn thats def does not sounds co operational in nature. Fair warning, don't go to sbc it's the other co-op instance and it has its own problems. Let me know ifnyou'd like a short list of recommendations and what you're looking for.
May you Migrate into Comfort.

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@Moss @gdorn If I were you I'd run my own single-user instance so people only judge you based off of what you do, and no other users - and so you can federate with whoever you wish.

re: governance, kaniini 

@mewmew Yeah, it's on my to-do list. I was building a mastodon-compatible server in Django (thus my frustration in trying to communicate with kaniini in the first place) but I might just set up a pleroma instance on my VPS.

re: governance, kaniini 

@gdorn yeah, that's not too hard to do

re: governance, kaniini 

@mewmew my project partner had one set up on a raspberry-pi-esque single-board computer and it was pretty easy. Far easier than mastodon is to install.

@gdorn ah heck you were trying to build an activitypub server? did you give up? i also tried to make one in python but heck me the standard is weird

@FloatingGhost Yeah, it's rough. But where I stalled out was getting the masto front-end to play nice with the server. Federation was next on the list.

I'm not much of a react dev, and masto's react is extra spicy. Much like the rails code, which is why we tended to rely on pleroma for reverse-engineering instead. governance, kaniini 

@gdorn bun was always being troubled by people from masto.

Despite the actual software help she gave you (as you write here) you were not able to stop people from bullying her so much that she left. I wonder why you stood by idly and did not take action.

I will note that kiwifarms were not the ones to do it: it was people you federate with and who you did not stop from committing this harassment.

This is a consistent theme: niu, abst, and others are harassed and sometimes driven off by activists and in the meanwhile cowardly folk do nothing to fight back. They make some small posts about how it's not their fault.

Think seriously on where is the side of justice because there are people being hurt. governance, kaniini 

@fluffy I didn't actually follow her, and due to the silence saw none of what happened until after she left.

And yeah, I know it wasn't KF (though I wish they weren't listed in the pleroma directory), and the whole thing is why I'm prepping to shut down this account.

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