Strongly considering moving the django-tastypie repository to . Partly to not be on github, but partly to be able to use gitlab-ci instead of .

The last few releases (compatibility updates to match Django versions) have been relatively simple to implement, but then an extra 2-4 weeks of fighting with travis to get tests to pass. This would be a lot easier and go a lot faster if travis had a mechanism for ssh'ing into a build container.

@gdorn has this too, zero configuration, for all builds

@sir I'm not against using personally, but it's a relatively big project with a large community. Moving somewhere without third-party auth means asking users to create accounts to report bugs or contribute patches.

It's already going to be a pretty big shift to switch to gitlab, but at least github users can still auth without additional accounts.

@gdorn ah, but you can use each piece ala-carte. SourceHut integrates, rather than supplants. You can run the builds on and store the repo elsewhere

@gdorn gitlab ci allows sshing into a build container?

@rin huh. I thought you could, but I'm not seeing that now. Maybe they removed it as part of their shift to enterprise-edition a while back?

Self-hosted gitlab containers are trivially easy to ssh into; I might be remembering that.

But for several of my build failures in the last year, I wouldn't even need shell access if apt wasn't hobbled and the base image wasn't extremely limited.

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