I'm mildly obsessed with the idea of little free seed libraries. I want a site dedicated to finding them, easy access to novice seed saving advice and a judgement-free policy on labeling (generations, heirloom, hybrid, GMO).

I like our local seed companies, but the price of seeds, especially good seeds, is a barrier to entry to some. Myself included; free seeds would let me experiment with crops I don't normally grow.

Plus I accidentally have saved heirlooms I could share.

(I also live on the intersection of novice gardener and introvert who loves the idea of big seed exchanges but can't cope with that many strangers at once...)


I'm imagining a federated LFSL network, where every library has a "social media" account and followers. Then stewards can post what's in the library, or moderate posts made by donors to the library. Donors could post in great detail about the heritage of their seeds to encourage others.

I mean, I have perennial collards going on eight years now, surely somebody wants some seeds from that and a how-to explaining how I got them to survive this long...

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