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buy it
use it
break it
fix it
trash it
change it
mail upgrade it
charge it
point it
zoom it
press it
snap it
work it
quick erase it
write it
cut it
paste it
save it
load it
check it
quick rewrite it
plug it
play it
burn it
rip it
drag it
drop it
zip unzip it
lock it
call it
find it
view it
code it
jam unlock it
surf it
scroll it
pause it
click it
crack it
switch update it
name it
read it
print it
scan it
send it
fax rename it
touch it
bring it
pay it
watch it
turn it
leave it
stop format it

remember kids, watching television rots your brain and turns you into a normie

[set to the tune of 'television rules the nation,' by daft punk]


rules the natiooooon

(yes I am procrastinating right now by tooting this don't @ me)

when i see any ads, my brain just automatically adds jpeg artifacts to the image.

an olive garden commercial written by a bot that watched 1000 hours of olive garden commercials

Sometimes, when friends are struggling, they *can't* ask for help.

Sometimes active engagement is the right thing to do. We need to lift each other up, and to stop letting our culture dissuade us from doing so.

I can't even count how many times in my messed up life when something like this could have had a huge impact. (Right now is one of those times.)


The Lollipop Cloud project is real. Website, source code, chat rooms.

Even better?!? It's wholly self-hosted using the Lollipop Cloud sources!


Inaugural blog post

Official website

Contact Page
(including PUBLIC Matrix/XMPP rooms)
@kaniini makes a very good point.

"What is 'lollipop project'"

It's an attempt to lower the friction of self hosting. Preferably on Raspberry Pi's, Orange Pi's and other lean, small ARM mini-computer boards.

I've been quietly working for the last 3 months on building a self-hosted cloud that's rarely online (only to get updates really) as well as provide services for myself and others while 'disconnected'. Services like contact/calendar/gpx track sync. GPX tracking. Blog, more.

As I've worked on the project a few very amazing folks have made suggestions about how it could be used to lower the barrier of 'just self host' for a LOT of people floating around the federverse.

After some thinking and quiet time I realized it's time to make this a real project.

The 'Lollipop Cloud' is born of a desire to self host when nomadic, facilitating sync when 'in the jungle' or just wanting to give πŸ–• to the various corporate entities who harvest your data.

A cloud in a very small box is the goal. A box the size of a credit card or as big as a rack mount server. YOU decide.

More will be online/posted soon.

If your daring the current public 'stuff' is at

100 companies are responsible for over 70% of global greenhouse emissions since the 80s and the US military burns is the single largest consumer of oil, but sure. Personal choices.

Walk or bike to work once a week, wash your clothes in cold water, take fewer international flights, go vegan, kill your first born. These are easily accessible solutions for everyone that are sure to make a significant difference if not solve the problem outright.

there was a gorgeous ISS flyover tonight! there are 6 people living inside that tiny dot πŸ’«

This is very difficult to search for, so I'll ask here... Has anyone seen plans for an on-demand book printer (not a 3D printer)?

which raid level is it that stores the 1s on one drive and the 0s on the other

if people like it and want to actually use it, it's not hard to move the domain over to

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hey social dot co-opers! i set up a gitlab instance for! please use it!

try it out at

hey social dot co-opers! i set up a (test) matrix server for! please use it! i'm so lonely!

you can try it out at

and all watched over by machines of loving grace.

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