can we please start calling worker cooperatives syndicates? it makes practicing economic democracy sound sooo much sexier

how would one go about starting a syndicate? (aka the much cooler name for a worker cooperative)

about to get on a plane, but off the top of my head:

I feel like I've been teleported into the middle of a premium mediocre dystopia.

@dr1ft the planets and their moons. the closer they are to the sun, the more important they are to me

📣📣 now this one 👌👌 is for my 💯 HOE-letariat bitches 😩🔥you have nothing 🚫🚫 to lose 📣 but your chains💦💦and your clothes😩🙈so let's share👀the means of reproduction 💦💯and lemme hammer🙈🙈your sickle😩quit stalin' and send this📣to ten other 💦cummie commies™ 💦who need to be freed🙈🙈tonight😩😩get 0 back🚫🚫and it's straight👀 into the 👀 gulag for you 📣📣 get 10 back 💯 and you're marx's 👀 little cum slut 💦😼 get 15 back and lenin 😏😩 will revolutionize 👌 your pussy😼🙈👀get 20 back😮and you'll explode💦🌊like chernobyl😩👌

linux, anxiety joke 

what you are referring to as "anxiety" is more accurately called "gnu/anxiety" or as i like to call it "gnu plus anxiety"

if anyone responds to this with 'but but but muh markets!' I am going to shit a brick

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fuck the economic aspects of bitcoin, can we talk about the federated parts? like the blockchain is just a federated database worth an arbitrary dollar value. the money-ness and the ensuing capitalist hordes are shit, but bitcoin is still a massive, (kinda) decentralized federation.

is there a way to design federated software that incentivizes people to join the federation like bitcoin does, but doesn't involve the trash fire that is money? like free storage for everyone or something idk

tired: I googled it
wired: I DuckDuckWent for it

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