fuck the economic aspects of bitcoin, can we talk about the federated parts? like the blockchain is just a federated database worth an arbitrary dollar value. the money-ness and the ensuing capitalist hordes are shit, but bitcoin is still a massive, (kinda) decentralized federation.

is there a way to design federated software that incentivizes people to join the federation like bitcoin does, but doesn't involve the trash fire that is money? like free storage for everyone or something idk

if anyone responds to this with 'but but but muh markets!' I am going to shit a brick

"But muh markets!"

*Waits for free building supplies to emerge from @gc*

@gc Filecoin and IPFS are by Protocol Labs, a VC-funded startup. All the IPFS code is FOSS, so you can take it and create a separate network that doesn't interact/federate with the capitalist network.

The IPFS code (written largely Go and Javascript) is a lot more portable and easier to understand and modify than GNUNet, which is written in C++ and is mostly for Linux/UNIX only.

The feature set of GNUNet and IPFS does not map features one-to-one, GNUNet is more oriented towards resource sharing, IPFS is more oriented towards document persistence.

So freedom, in that regard, if it's not really read/write in the real world and actually-existing networks, it's a relative matter.

@gc If you were to trace some philosophical parallels, could say that IPFS leans more on the individualistic market anarchism side because resource usage is less easily shared but information and discovery for all tend to be favoured.
GNUNet is more (slightly statist) marxist socialist regarding resource usage, less anarchistic regarding information sharing. Arguably more hierarchical in a few things, if you listen to the ideas of the developers.

@grainloom I can only describe accurately things I understand well. But please feel free to contribute your views on the matter.


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