an olive garden commercial written by a bot that watched 1000 hours of olive garden commercials

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@Efi what? surely you don't mean that someone would just... lie... on the internet, do you?

@Efi update: it has been confirmed that someone did in fact lie to me and it was not made by a bot after all. my entire universe has been shattered.

@gc told ya, I've seen enough bots to know a human when I see one... wait... something like that
Turing test failed

@gc this doesn't really read as bottish, but I'm going to boost it anyway because it's still hilarious


I just can't believe that something this well done could have come from a computer. That being said, the thought of a bot writing this is still hilarious!

@gc definitely using the "leave without me. I'm home." line the next time I go out for Franchise Italian.

@gc I loved that narrative too, but it's a touch coherent for current state of the art.

@gc I love it for its surreal value. I would actually love to make a film with this.

@gc as an Italian citizen, this made me laugh more than expected

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