here are all the 3d printed fidget toys a brief search of my room turned up! I've got a lot more (yes, I have a problem) but I'm too lazy to find them at the moment

@gc I showed this to my daughter.
Her: We need a 3D printer.


@LeftCoast yesss you should get one! and theyre so cheap nowadays too! you can buy a pretty good one for ~$300 and the best desktop printer you can buy is only $750. I don't know why everyone doesn't have one, honestly - it's a machine that can literally make anything you want. if that's not the means of production, idk what is. I tooted this awhile back, but I wasn't joking when I said that my 3d printer turned me into a communist 😇

~fully automated luxury communism will win~

@gc Do you recommend any make or model... or ones to avoid?

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