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@risabee Yeah, it's strange that as a kid I just kinda thought "well the Beatles broke up so that's it" and it's taken me this long to realize it's more like "they don't release albums as 'The Beatles' anymore".

I'm thoroughly enjoying my Beatles renaissance :D

"McCartney" is a masterpiece. Paul writing and performing the entire thing, and just killing it throughout!

Imo solidifies him as being on a level of his own.

As a lifelong Beatles fan(atic) who has mostly ignored their subsequent solo careers until recently, lemme just say: Damn, have I been missing out.

@clayton Don't tease me! I thought the SCLF was a real thing for a second there, and now I'm sad 😒

But yeah, I'd imagine it wouldn't be hard to take the ideals of the Free Software movement to the logical conclusion that if non-free software serves to oppress the people then people with access to that software's source have a moral obligation to set it free...

I can dream, at least.

"This was a group of so-called alt-right protesters who decided that a socialist bookshop, which stocks radical literature and working-class history titles and provides stalls for national trade union conferences, was a legitimate target for violence."

If this kind of shit doesn't wake up people, then nothing will. Fascists attacking books is the last step before fascists attacking people.

"The FCC has come clean on the fact that a purported hack of its comment system last year never actually took place, after a report from its inspector general found a lack of evidence supporting the idea. Chairman Ajit Pai blamed the former chief information officer and the Obama administration..."

This guy.

@gc @mayel @jjg

Capitalism Classicβ„’
"The oppression you know and love!"

@alxcndr @vfrmedia @jjg @mayel

Very valid points! I definitely don't think the blame lies on either side (or really anywhere).

I'm hopeful that the two will begin to overlap more and more, I'm just sad that it hasn't happened already.

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There's a Richard Stallman message for every occasion.


Not everyone can self host software systems.

Not everyone wants to self host software systems.

Not everyone gives a shit about tech

Most people just want to go online, do their thing and move on with their day

If there is a mass exodus from GitHub / GitLab or others we people hosting our own infra need to be good about discovery, community building, community engagement and more.

We also need to figure out how to federate authn/authz. I'll skip over submitting small things if it means yet another account on yet another server run by yet another random.

Centralization isn't great but it does facilitate discovery, community and engagement.

We need to keep this at the back of our mind.

@vfrmedia @mayel @jjg

That was the mentality I saw in the kids around me while in the CS program. "This is how I will get rich", followed by "Fuck you I got mine".

"I was just trying to get rich" might just be the new "I was just following orders".

@bthall @mayel @vfrmedia @jjg

Yeah, it's so frustrating that these corporate heads can say "We're proudly open source!", and so many people will gobble it up and then burp out the words "Not all capitalists!"

@vfrmedia @jjg @mayel

The fact that FLOSS ethics is not a part of the wider political progressive movement is so tragic to me.

Social and economic progress rely on changing the underlying systems in place, systems which are already rapidly changing... thanks to technology. But if that technology isn't free, libre, and open, how could we possibly have true social+economic progress come out of it?

@jjg @mayel Yeah, there's some serious gaslighting and stockholm syndrome stuff going on with Microsoft and users+developers.

Luckily, I escaped a little over 11 years ago! πŸ˜›

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