Trying to ditch and adopt ( to be precise.)

I'm using -plug and a few different plugins I've found to try and get a similar setup to what I had in Atom, but honestly feel a little lost and somewhat like I'm in over my head.

Anyone have some good resources for editor migrants like me? Anything that will help the transition is very welcome!

@gabe Vim-plug is great but it's easy to get overloaded with plugins. What specific functionality are you missing?

@bilbono Honestly the main *features* I'm missing currently are autoclosing of html tags, automatic indentation (indent works, outdent does not), and something similar to File Icons ( for NerdTree.

However, I also feel like maybe I need to get more familiar with vim itself, like maybe I'm missing things because I just don't know enough about how vim works, how vim is supposed to work/be used, etc.

@gabe I haven't done HTML tag completion before but I suspect there's a plugin somewhere for that. As for file icons, that might be a pain to set up. As far as I know you have to set your terminal to use a specific patched font with the icons you want.

But you're right it does take time to fully grok vim. Just keep using it! This book is a great resource too

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