Great TED talk about the internet and specifically social media (or as the speaker calls them, "behavior modification empires").


I'll add that I'm not totally sure I agree with the "charge money for social media" thing, as I'm not too keen on putting information behind paywalls. Feels classist.

However, I do think it'd be a better option than the current way of "doing social media".

I still think decentralization, user-ownership, and cooperative management are likely the best ways forward, as I'd rather no company own a social media platform (whether funded via ads or user subscriptions).


@gabe the way I see it someone is always paying for social media. the users are paying with their time, attention, and content. their data they inadvertently throw in for free. but in the end it's the ones that pay in capital that ultimately control it. that might as well be us too. if its done right and at scale the price is a pittance compared to the alternative.


>not totally sure I agree with the "charge money for social media" thing
- "no taxation without representation". Cooperative ownership FTW!

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