Anybody have any recommendations for accessible (specifically fully-captioned) training resources for becoming a linux sysadmin?

A coworker who is deaf is interested in learning more, and we're having trouble finding professional, comprehensive resources for him.

@gabe When I learned, we had man pages, and the AT&T papers. Then came O'Reilly, and we finally had books. Then eventually books on websites. Video is good at demonstrating some stuff, but honestly it's a really low bandwidth compared to text, especially considering that linux sysadmin is primarily a text-based world, not a gui one.

Having said that, I keep noticing well-subtitled training videos popping up on LinkedIn, so they are out there.



Haha, yeah I agree that video tutorials aren't necessarily the best way to go about it.

It's more that our boss is itching to throw some money down to get him trained, so we're looking for paid regiments (similar to Linux Academy) to take advantage of.

It's a shame Linux Academy doesn't caption all of their trainings, because it looks like a pretty solid resource otherwise.

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