How can I, a public university employee at the bottom of the totem pole, start working today to try and end the University's dependence (read: wholly ensnared state) on proprietary, corporate owned/backed software?

Anybody know of any orgs that work on this, or have any experience fighting this kind of thing?

It makes for a very depressing state of affairs, being so reliant on these capitalist structures.

@gabe institutions are difficult to just uproot and change. i recommend starting the conversation first, just casually with higher ups, letting them know your interests and reasoning. maybe putting a strong emphasis on long term cost cuts, as well as pointing out shifts in cultural relevance.

if things go well, arranging a meeting with higher ups, departments heads and even board of directors, would be next, and outlining a plan to demonstrate a proof of concept.

the concern on this path is political, as well as philosophical, and monetary relevance. i.e., will they even care, or will they find the budget to transition.

i believe that you'll find an audience and an ear where it matters, but you'll have to follow the official institution practices for organizing such a change.

if they are resistant, you could even possibly go as far as to use underground channels to build interest, not necessarily /hype/ though

@tsu Thank you! This is very helpful, albeit quite daunting.

I guess it's the same as most other things: just have to do the work and be patient.

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