Friends on the : What do you find fulfilling about your denomination or particular congregation?

I'm interested in developing my sense of spirituality, as someone with generally and views. Obviously strongly looking into local groups, as well as trends within and .

How has religion informed or played a role in your ?

Spirituality and Activism 

@gabbybray Oh cool, you'll probably find a lot of cool people in all those traditions. I think I've realized, in pursuing activism through certain religious or spiritual groups, that I'm perhaps an individualist anarchist, because even the UU group I visited recently that was organizing around Extinction Rebellion seemed a bit group-think-y and growth-minded about their motivations. I'm going in a more Advaita Vedanta/Zen Buddhism direction...

re: Spirituality and Activism 

@gabbybray ...and I've yet to find folks doing liberation work while following those paths, perhaps because, in a way, those paths point to a reality that is greater than the world that can be experienced by our senses, and beyond language and ego, thus somewhat calling into question the basis on which a lot of activism occurs. But I know that without people doing that work, I wouldn't have the free time to explore all this.

re: Spirituality and Activism 

@gabbybray I guess all this is to say, I've become much more spiritual through reading folks like Alan Watts and (separately from Advaita/Zen) Robin Wall Kimmerer, but thus far I've been keeping my spirituality separate from my activism so that I can develop it further away from group-think and the always-constant-urgency of fighting for justice. Hopefully you'll have better luck!

re: Spirituality and Activism 

@amikigu Thanks for your response! I definitely also feel that tension between developing a personal spirituality and expressing it in that way.

I like your description of religious instututions as "group-think-y." That's part of the reason I stepped back from my old church, and also something that I've experienced outside of religion, working with groups like DSA.

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