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My girlfriend created us as a couple in the Sims and in the game we have a sphynx cat named Turtle and I've never wanted anything so badly before.

Finally getting to around to listening to the podcast episode on youth librarianship featuring my mentor/best friend.

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The Valentine's Day face reveal that no one asked for. 💖✨

Planning a train trip to with my girlfriend sometime next month, partly because I just want to ride the Wolverine line. It was initially supposed to be closer to Valentine's Day but I suck at planning.

Friends on the : What do you find fulfilling about your denomination or particular congregation?

I'm interested in developing my sense of spirituality, as someone with generally and views. Obviously strongly looking into local groups, as well as trends within and .

How has religion informed or played a role in your ?

The proposal for a new jail is almost certain to come up in the next Macomb Board of Commissioners meeting, and it feels somewhat surreal to be on the same side of an issue as an "anti-tax crusader" like Leon Drolet, albeit for very different reasons.

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“These problems continue to be put as a blame on the residents themselves, when they really have nothing to do with how the system is operated or the ways in which the rates are defined. All we know is that we all have to have running water, clean drinking water in our homes.”

Hello! 😊

I'm a twenty-something trans girl studying to become a youth and community here in Macomb County/Metro Detroit. I spend my days dreaming of our radically decentralized future. 🌻🌱🌷🌹

Pronouns are she/her, thank you!

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