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PeerTube is crowdfunding for version 3.0:

"At a time when no one knows what the future will bring, it didn't seem decent for us to do a crowdfunding campaign threatening to not do our best on PeerTube if we didn't raise the necessary funds ... We still hope that by sharing this roadmap as widely as possible, some of you will support us in our approach with a donation that will allow us to fund this work."

If you can afford to contribute, please consider it.


I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on and who share slash values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

Hide your true nature!... Wear it long enough and YOU will believe it's you.

The GEO weekly newsletter is out. This week we've got an Italian Social and a how-to for creating apothecaries, along with a bunch of other cooperative goodness.

Denizens of the Fediverse:

Those of you who're worried about contracting #covid19... if you need help, you are going to reach out to the Fediverse and ask if you can, right?


We're here for each other.


Millions are threatened by both the #coronavirus as well as eviction, job loss + lack of access to basic resources. While the State fails to respond, autonomous groups across the US are mobilizing to provide #mutualaid to those most impacted by the crisis.

_Finally_ got around to putting the operating agreement publicly online:

It's not perfect, but it's reasonably fair. We're planning to apply a number of patches throughout 2020; including one which more broadly opens up consumer membership.

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Re-toot from

"I’ll going live at 3pm EST today to talk about the virus - the ! Join me and ⁦
⁩ - info at link! "

Building accountability into startups and avoiding user-serving companies becoming zombies to investors. Strategies:
* user buyout: a trust or co-ops buys all shares on behalf of users. User representation and/or shared profits. #NIO gave shares to user trust.
* federation: #VISA as cooperative of user businesses. Voluntary (#ActivityPub etc.) or through AntiTrust action.
* tokenization: ownership is traded as crypto-tokens, under company control, or permisionless.

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One of the bootstrapped founders community I'm in () is converting to a !

Super exciting to see the movement growing!

The popularity of Wikipedia article about seems to be going up a lot - last month was by far the best month since records began!

work / business 

By far the worst part of freelancing is having to cosplay as a "business guy"

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uspol, email, monopoly 

When so many people use Gmail as their primary email, it's a bit concerning that different candidates' newsletters get classified very differently and nobody really knows why yet

Coinbase "Free OXT" link 

Coinbase friends: You can get a quick $12 by watching 3 videos about the new token Orchid / OXT: (full disclosure this gets me $10 in OXT)

It's, basically, a pay-as-you-go VPN that's funded by an Ethereum smart contract. Pretty clever but their iOS app is still in beta (available on TestFlight). I'm curious what the experience is like having been on NordVPN for the past few months.

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