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The popularity of Wikipedia article about seems to be going up a lot - last month was by far the best month since records began!

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By far the worst part of freelancing is having to cosplay as a "business guy"

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When so many people use Gmail as their primary email, it's a bit concerning that different candidates' newsletters get classified very differently and nobody really knows why yet

Coinbase "Free OXT" link 

Coinbase friends: You can get a quick $12 by watching 3 videos about the new token Orchid / OXT: (full disclosure this gets me $10 in OXT)

It's, basically, a pay-as-you-go VPN that's funded by an Ethereum smart contract. Pretty clever but their iOS app is still in beta (available on TestFlight). I'm curious what the experience is like having been on NordVPN for the past few months.

@mattcropp @redoak There's another in the works here in I'll meet one of the organizers tomorrow as it turns out.

> Consensus decision-making means this fits small groups well.

This seems to be a common assumption, but with good facilitation, I've seen consensus process can be used effectively with live meeting of hundreds of people. When online tools like #Loomio are used, allowing people to participate when they have time, it can also work with large organizations.

@funwhilelost are you familiar with #SavingsPools?:

In #Aotearoa savings pools have helped people clear interest-bearing debt, including in some cases paying off mortgates. We use P2P relationships between many smaller pools to raise the savings necessary for larger loans. In one case our pool funded publication of a kid's book written by a member. In principle, savings pools could lend startup and expansion funds to coops.

#Loomio 2.0 is being beta tested. I've only just started playing around but I'd told the final release will includes a number of #UX improvements, including a more mobile-friendly UI and a containerized mobile app. If you have a Loomio account, join the fun!

It's a bit rough around the edges, there's still a lot of work to be done before it's ready to become the default UI. But so far, it's looking like a big step forward from 1.0.

DWeb Camp attendees: come learn about the IndieWeb at my workshop on Saturday at 10:15 in the Mesh Hall. Take your blog to the next level by posting to other social networks, syndicating your comments and likes back to your site, and owning all your data!

Loved the "Kurt Russo on the People Under the Sea" episode of For the Wild Podcast. Very emotional to hear the Lummi telling of the orcas captured in the 70's, the current state of the southern resident pods and how it reflects our current world.

#Seattle #FreeTrees

applications open July 15 - Aug 12

The Trees for Neighborhoods program wants to give up to four free tree saplings per household to Seattle residents. Evergreen and deciduous available. They even help evaluate what will work best, and have species that are good for sidewalk locations or under power lines.

I'm lucky to have a local seed cooperative that has awesome resources for seed saving and local heirloom varieties from our seed shed.

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