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Loved the "Kurt Russo on the People Under the Sea" episode of For the Wild Podcast. Very emotional to hear the Lummi telling of the orcas captured in the 70's, the current state of the southern resident pods and how it reflects our current world.

@mattcropp "Financializing" cooperatives with the same economic instruments as we're using now is somewhat counter-intuitive to the principles imo. I've seen arguments for a structure with a firewall between the voting rights of the member-owners and financiers - which has come up in the platform-cooperative world frequently. Maybe it's the idea of an "equity stake" that troubles me: how can you justify giving surplus back to equity holders versus using surplus for housing improvements.

#Seattle #FreeTrees

applications open July 15 - Aug 12

The Trees for Neighborhoods program wants to give up to four free tree saplings per household to Seattle residents. Evergreen and deciduous available. They even help evaluate what will work best, and have species that are good for sidewalk locations or under power lines.

I'm lucky to have a local seed cooperative that has awesome resources for seed saving and local heirloom varieties from our seed shed.

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@scribe Cool. I was looking at DC-DC step-up boosters to power my Dell laptop. I am hoping to try this waterproof package with a heatsink and I'll let you know how it works out:

@scribe Sweet! I went down the rabbit hole today trying to figure out how to boost my 12V AGM battery to 19.5V to charge my laptop. What have you hooked up?

@sicko Just checked out the FreeTube and I'm curious if there are plans to integrate payments to channels I enjoy. I am currently using Brave and tipping in BAT. I also subscribe to a few channels' Patreons.


Jony Ive, designer of the iPhone, left Apple earlier today. Major reasons:

• Tired of having to shave two weeks before video shoots
• Wants to use a different shade of white in his designs
• There are only so many shapes that can be carved out of a single block of aluminium


If you get a mastodon post inked on your skin, is it a tattoot?

#SocialCoop meta 

#SocialCoop meta 

@eldang @mcmoots there is a big wave of this happening across the country as the boomers start to retire. The "silver tsunami" is leaving tons of family businesses stranded as the younger generations aren't interested in taking them over. One of the more interesting ideas I've seen for these is to do a worker-ownership conversion to a co-op. This has taken the form of a selling to the workers (funded by a small, low-interest community development loan).

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