Went ahead and set up a GitBook to use as a wiki to organize my projects, inspired by @nikivi page. So far it's private, but I plan to make it public in the future (and to develop my own tool, I need like less than half of the feature this has).

Thanks for the idea @neauoire 😃


@jere @nikivi @neauoire Right on! I'm curious to see what you build as I like the Gitbook tooling but I agree it's overkill for my project, too. There's a Rust-based port called mdbook if that's your flavor. I'm working on doing something similar with Gatsby.js. It's just a pile of Markdown with front-matter compiled to HTML. I draft most of my Markdown in Joplin until I want to post.

@funwhilelost yeah, so far I think I just need an md to html compiler, something to serve pages and something to keep track of the tree structure of a gitbook, but I want to see what else is there. I'll use this until I have a stable workflow and then work on replacing the tooling (probably on python)

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