#SocialCoop meta 

There's been a few requests for upgrades to our Mastodon instance.

This will get done most quickly if an existing tech ops team does it (me, @nicksellen, @protean).

But it has prodded me into running a check to regroup the tech ops team. If you're a member and interested add yourself here:


Note: apologies, this check closes in 2 days, for reasons. DM me if you miss it.

#SocialCoop meta 

@wu_lee This looks like a good place for an introduction. I'm an -based computer science student and long-time public educator looking to collaborate to create education software that belongs to the commons and keeps capitalist "innovation" from pressuring schools to sell students' private data and the fruits of student labour. Among other things. looks interesting.


#SocialCoop meta 

@ruby @wu_lee That's awesome! I worked in the education space with a large non-profit grant a couple years ago. It's a complicated problem but I met so many awesome, passionate people who really care about their education practice.

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