Anyone got a good, relatively short, zine on the basics of workers cooperatives?

#workercooperative #coop #zine #zines

@kawaiipunk thank you! We get a lot of letters from prisoners who are dead-set on this idea of starting their own business once they get out.

And I mean, it's been done before.

But like, they have these "education programs" inside which, IMO, give people some false hope. They get fed a ton of propaganda and just, ugh. Fuck it's a little depressing tbh.

So I'll look this over and see if it's something we can send inside.


@teslas_moustache @kawaiipunk
how to distinct coop propaganda from coop basics?

there is guide for IT coops, and it provides some, I hope, basics, about decision making or planning

@freshbox @kawaiipunk I don't really know. But folks in prison love reading about all sorts of stuff and I think they would like this, too. It's also nice because it goes into depth about what certain terms actually mean. It's nice when things are clear.

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