As for , it already implies punishments for violations. If member violates community rules, than it could trigger discussion does this rule really helps this community. And the main question, should a community member be punished for mistake?

with @dcht00

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Participated in discussion about punishments for rule violations at . The question is general, how community should handle inappropriate behavior of its members. From my perspective there could be 3 types of violations - violation of common law, of community rules and mistakes

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How #anarchy works on #Bali

A group of families can, of their own accord, form a #Banjar (neighborhood), which the Indonesian state was forced to recognize as the smallest administrative unit on the island. Banjar is both a village council, a tax authority and a law enforcement agency. Balinese systematically ignore federal laws, while #Pecalang (members of Banjar delegated to law enforcement) monitor local common law. The federal police on the island are also present, and mainly do tourist drug scumming. The island has 4 million natives, 15 million tourists a year, but the homicide rate is dramatically low, 1 kill per year. In the hot areas of #Denpasar, criminals could snatch a phone or steal a helmet from a parked bike, but locals claims that this criminals are incomers. There is practically no such kind of crime as car theft.

Finally. England and Australia are currently interested in studying the Balinese security system, particularly related to the role of the Balinese Pecalang. This follows a formal request from the representatives of the United Kingdom and Australia to the Bali branch of the Kesbangpolinmas (Public Protection Agency) to provide information on the 'security system' in Bali and how it could be studied. The two governments are now planning to send representatives to Bali to study the Balinese security system first hand. Head of Bali Kesbangpolinmas, Gede Jaya Suartama stated that in terms of security technology, the UK and Australia are very advanced, but these developed countries are keen to build a community-based security system like the one in Bali to promote community awareness.

More on this

Visiting village, self-sustainable project located in Khao Sok area, in the south of . As a tourist, but considering to stay here as volunteer

I'm in Thailand/Indonesia, what could I visit?

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"At the To Kwa Wan march, an anarcho-syndicalist flag. A nice change from British colonial and US flags that get disproportionate media attention. "

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Anyone got a good, relatively short, zine on the basics of workers cooperatives?

#workercooperative #coop #zine #zines

Nice definition from section:
CHT is a infrastructure, not a community.
- Community-based systems are reproduced through people explaining things to each other (over and over again).
- Infrastructural systems are formed and reproduced through defining processes.

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Considering how to create self-governing pod, based on #stellar token. The idea is that when deploying, pod will programmatically create issuing and distribution account, emit limited number of tokens (and lock issuing account after it), and put tokens for sale. Then participants buys that tokens, creates accounts on pod and add their stellar public keys to profiles. After it, any user could initiate governing issue, like assigning pod moderators, or initiate payment (for example for hosting) from distribution account, and all participants will be able to vote. Pod will fetch participant's balances from horizon, and the vote weight will be equal to number of pod tokens at participant’s stellar wallet.
The questions are, how to verify that certain user is owner of stellar wallet, as he mentioned in profile. And how to avoid issue, that server admin could launch deployment process once again, and switch pod governing to newly generated token
Also could be discussed at github
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Every respectful #Balkan country hurry to be proud of Nikola# Tesla. Because he is their guy. #Croatia, #Montenegro, #Albania, #Serbia, #Bosnia and even #Macedonia are pretending to own this guy.
What do you think, who have right to name him as "our guy"? Maybe #physics?

#Tesla #eurotrip2018 #coliving #Xatarsis #digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle
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Moving into a cabin in the woods to write the Great American Toot

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@freshbox and there's also consumer co-ops and multi-stakeholder co-ops which are harder to use traditional partnerships for.

But it's always *possible* to have partnerships that *are* effectively the same as co-ops. Co-ops are mainly dedication to and partnerships that do that adequately basically *are* co-ops.

What is the diference beetween and . Isn't coop a some kind of reinventing the wheel?

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Thinking about hemp farming as a potential career path

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Thinking about plug-and-play Mastodon-compatible micro-servers.

Could be built around a Raspberry Pi Zero W, configurable through being plugged into a computer via USB with a super simple wizard. Only has to support a single household of users. The "consumer router" of Mastodon servers.

Make it super easy to get your non-technical family off of FB/Twitter and into better touch with you.

Have watched the last season of ) Now, trying to guess what kind of software did they created. Is it without blockchain?)) What means "new internet", it's some kind of ?

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My friend Jon Ander Musatadi shared this with me. New renewable energy coop in the Basque Country:

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