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I know how to excise Pinterest results from my searches in every search engine I own. What I want is something that tears those results from the soil everywhere and salts the earth so nothing Pinterest will grow there again. And then do the same with Pinterest itself.

No sympathy for Epic here: if you want to participate in a closed ecosystem, you abide by that system’s rules. If you don’t like them, you can stop playing. Disliking such close sytems is a fine moral position, but trying to force them open through the courts is BS.

Even if sports programs in higher ed make a profit for their school—and that’s a linebacker-sized caveat given how unclear the numbers really are—coaches’ salaries are obscene.

McConnell is a turtle-headed cockwomble. But the real ghoulishness is Amy Coney Barrett using everything RBG did for women to climb over her corpse in anticipation of kicking the ladder away.

Now that the evidence is out, it’s clear the real victim of the wug controversy is equality. It’s entirely possible for Jean Berko Gleason to be both a smart, kindly appearing elderly woman and a duplicitous old twat using lawyers to shield her lies and mistakes.

I need a plugin that automatically removes all Pinterest references from search results. They are never useful and always annoying.

It’s only logical that Trump’s could-be savior Amy Coney Barrett will stand with her Catholic convictions and oppose the death penalty too, right? Her support of segregation is apparently reconcilable with her deep spiritual beliefs, but surely state-senctioned murder can’t be.

I rarely meet a portmanteau I don’t like, but “bichronous” (as in “bichronous learning”) rubs me the wrong way.

My estimation of the idea of a serious secession movement and/or internecine violence between state factions has gone from 0/ridiculous to “I can see a pretty clear path, and if I were single and no children I’d be hoping it comes sooner than the 2-3 decades I imagine it would.”

Dreamt that the likely, unstoppable SCOTUS nominee believed “separate but equal” policies are fine & pre-existing conditions should be death-warrants, that Trump was on his way to re-election w/minority vote & Pence holding the new Senate’s 50/50 tiebreak. Then I fell asleep.

Listening to podcasts and reading articles about the SCOTUS appointment—despite the reality that the fat dump dropped on the country, turning it into a political toilet, that we have to call our president will get his way—is my new, multimedia doomscrolling.

RBG’s death doesn’t change the election: the tiny # of undecideds and non-voters don’t vote based on SCOTUS (witness current situation), and if election is disrupted, the court even with RBG would’ve voted Trump’s way 5-4 (can’t believe anyone thinks otherwise). Hello theocracy.

RIP RBG. That’s not just the ballgame. That’s ALL the games. And this is why I say never say it can’t get worse.

The Boys is godawful tv. Almost all stilted acting, mundane, predictable posturing in place of plot, and no one worth caring about. Maybe comic book fans will lap up anything they are given…but they should demand better than this dreck.

RIP, brilliant, irascible, occasionally terrifying author and critic Stanley Crouch. I can’t say I agreed with him often, but I envied his gifts & intensity. Get Notes of a Hanging Judge and see for yourself. Wendell Pierce’s Twitter tribute:

📚Interesting 2020 Booker Prize shortlist! Four debut novels. Four women. Time to read all of them… →

For those of us who spend too much time jumping into Zoom, Meet, WebEx, etc., this tiny utility for OSX giving instant access to the view from your camera is surprisingly useful. → Handmirror -

It’s a bad look, but when one of the Oregon senators who fled like cowards to avoid a vote they were going to lose-on a bill that included money for brush and tree clearning, wildfire prevention, and climate change mitigation-loses his home to the wildfire. My empathy is nil.

Does murdering 70,000-120,000 of the citizens you purport to lead by refusing to lead count as genocide? Treason?

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