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📚 finished Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi (trans by Jonathan Wright). A brilliant idea for getting inside Iraq after the US invasion: the horrific is commonplace, rendering the literal horror something more—both better and worse—than metaphorical.

“big pulp” – The latest katexic clippings newsletter is hitting email inboxes right now, featuring: Yaa Gyasi, friable, Hamilton, circular, quarantined hippies, boobslang, old food, new cakes, ice cream day, Shatner, Grey Gardens and more! →

One truly unexpected change brought about by Covid lockdown is I’ve become a regular hat wearer. Only baseball caps so far…but bowlers and berets might just enter the picture if my craking up during the crackdown continues.

One of my new weekly pleasures is listening to Mickey Kaus’ rambling fears of consequence culture on @bloggingheads

I wonder, @becauselangpod, if there is anything Ben DOESN’T hate (except vigorously hating things)? Asking for a friend now that I’ve learned to be a friend to myself.

This Patrick Terhune bit is funny, generally, but the note about the Raiders and appriopriation near the end is brilliant.

The contortions which death penalty advocates will go to justify state killings and dismiss objections is grotesque. Wouldn’t it be easier to, you know, not kill more people?

State sanctioned murder isn’t justice, or an act of a just society, no matter how heinous the crime, or how established, or even admitted, the guilt. In the case of Daniel Lewis Lee, the objections of the family put the lie to even the dubious claims that it’s “for the family.”

And then, in an instant, the tide of grief comes back to this eroding shore it knows so well. I miss my mom so much.

Can anyone tell me who’se been “cancelled” (other than those convicted of a crime)? The common examples seem nothing of the sort. Or, if that is how the term is being defined (Rowling, Bennett, etc), it’s like complaining about guillotining on behalf of those with paper cuts.

Well, the Brimley/Cocoon Line Calculator is disturbing. I guess I have barely more than a year to get my act together.

I’m going to be seasoning my food for months with the delicious tears being shed by the snowflake fans of that Washington NFL team. Almost as good are the shrill cries that a team worth 3.4 billion dollars is being “cancelled.” Love it!

Three Arizona teachers who shared a classroom got coronavirus. One of them died — There’s going to be a lot more of this soon. How many preventable deaths are needed (conservatively 70K so far) before holding this administration responsible for them?

This thread by Ariel Cohen-Goldberg should put the complaints about “irregardless” to rest. Stop worrying and learn to love language change!

Another big issue of Katexic Clippings in the books (and inboxes). Only one issue with the transition from TinyLetter (my fault). Metrics don’t mean anything, but more than 1 million clicks on newsletter links. If I had a dime, etc. →

☕ Red Buffalo Oolong tea from Vietnam…so good! Like a black/oolong hybrid with a bit of maltiness and fruit and honey sweetness. Top 3 for me. And a tip of the cap to Hatvala for their incredible service →

As a total hack, I love the feeling of solving a problem with programming…and even a little elegance (thanks to Python and Beautiful Soup).

🎙️ Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakem: In Conversation – A great conversation with Menakem, who has really challenged me and got me thinking hard.

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