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🎬 I adore Austin Kleon, and watching over his shoulder as he creates a blackout poetry mini-book is delightful and inspiring. →

…our current system of Internet Cancel Culture is virtually identical to thought policing if you replace “thoughts” with “thoughts that I decide to say publicly” and “being arrested” with “having an opinion about what I’m saying”


💬 Dan Hon nails it:

Can’t believe we let it be branded Cancel Culture instead of Consequence Culture.

I can’t recommend this interview with Resmaa Menakem enough—challenging and enlightening. It gave me a new way of thinking about racism, anti-racism, etc. –

I am so over the constant, vague oppressiveness—the anxiety tinnitus—of coronavirus. That is all.

Cancel culture doesn’t exist. It’s a lazy, reductivist phrase employed by those who want their ideas to be accepted ipso facto. Don’t blame “culture” because your ideas, and/or the way you choose to express them, are losing, as someone put it, in the marketplace of ideas.

📚 Read: Chocky by John Wyndham. An idea, and a book, that shows its age a bit, but finding new (to me) writing by Wyndham is always a pleasure. Also, did you know Wyndham’s full name was: John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris?

I wrote about my father, a classic car collector, and my mother. How many people did I write about? — I wrote about my father, a classic car collector and my mother. How many people did I write about?

It’s gratifying to see so many people experiencing more of Hamilton and understanding why some of us couldn’t stop talking about it. Don’t @ me haters (or those trying to drum up controversy for clicks). Rise up!

Worse than an average libertarian is a dumb one. Worse than that is the young and dumb specimen. You win the booby prize, @libertycliff → Rand Paul’s exchange with Fauci was exactly what America needed

Just a few more bad apples, right? → Colorado police officers fired for recreating chokehold in photos at Elijah McClain memorial

I’m seriously impressed with @buttondownemail – both the tool, which feels eerily suited to how I work, but even more with the developer and how he approaches his business with transparency, support for open source projects, &c. BIG props!

Also reading the first Perry Mason novel, The Case of the Velvet Claws. Figure I better start now if I want to get all 85 in before watching the TV series! 📚

Reading The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists – scathing. A Joycean exploration of working class England in the early 1900s. 📚

Are there any tools (web-based or on OS X) similar to Adobe Spark that aren't Adobe Spark?

I wish I’d learned long ago that it’s ok to “just” enjoy things as a member of the audience, a reader, a listener, to “just” be an amateur, to “just” be a fan. It’s possible to not be, or have no prospect of being, the best at something and still pursue and love it with passion.

This introduction to cryptic crosswords is excellent. I finally understand them and am intrigued. I really need another wordy obsession in my life. →

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