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Not to get all pedantic, but it’s linchpin not lynchpin. Unless you are intending the allusion.

Where I really want some AI in social media apps: bots that filter all but the first of a joke repeated scores of times in threads…and the first one when the joke is obvious (which the repeated ones always are).

Just read an exchange in which the suggested correction of “balling” to “bawling” (when referring to crying) was rejected because the former is a “colloquial spelling.” Is it?

There are still things that keep me coming back to Twitter. But in addition to the obvious terribleness the blue checkmark conversational circle je—cliquiness—is gross.

IN A WORLD WITHOUT x, y IS POSSIBLE ← jockstraps + demented tweeting || self-awareness + perfect conversations … the possibilities are endless for remixing the orange dictator’s buffoonish battology.

Trump is a festering wound. That doesn’t mean the Nickelback vid wasn’t Fair Use. My guess: it would’ve been upheld in a court considering all four factors. Weaponizing copyright sucks, no matter who it’s used against.

Why is it that people don’t understand that voluntarily ceding one’s right to Fair Use isn’t showing “respect” to anyone? If anything it’s disrespecting everyone by adding to the erosion of their already too-limited rights?

What is a “perfect” conversation anyway? And how does someone who is barely comprehensible have so many of them?

“The mob shouts with one big mouth and eats with a thousand little ones.” —Stanislaw Lec

An opportunity for a simple postal act of kindness: a WW II vet in Texas is hoping for 100 postcards for his 100th birthday in October. Can we help him get to 1000? →

We need to hear Corn Pop’s side of Corny Pop’s bizarre story.

I am Shamespeare, eloquent and prolific author of humiliating, scornful soliloquies about—and dialogues with—myself.

I just realized why I almost never record poetry books on GoodReads: though I finish many, I never feel done with them (or that they are done with me).

I love me some punctuation and generally want to see more (interrobangs! double colons! irony marks! more semicolons! more ellipses!), but after listening to @talkpod’s “Mailbag of R-R-R-R” episode I’m seated pretty firmly on the “get rid of the apostrophe” bandwagon. talkthetalkpodcast...

It was nice to have a reason to create an erasure/blackout poem for the first time in a while! And to use crayons :) Third image is a swatch of the dictionary collage envelope.

‪Am I the only person that intentionally reverts emoji back to their emoticon state before pressing send? ;) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯‬

This is another reason we need copyright reform. What a travesty. → Katy Perry has been ordered to pay a Hip Hop artist for copyright infringement. But the judgment lowers the bar on musical copying -

"Leaked documents show White House is planning executive order to censor the Internet" - This is just the kind of thing Tr*mp has been stacking the courts to support. Remember when even the idea of such an executive order would've been ludicrous except as part of a piece of dystopian fiction? -

Is there a word for the inability to remember someone’s name right after being introduced to them? It’s not really prosopagnosia because I’m good at recognizing faces even after long intervals…I’m just terrible at putting names to them.

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