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That time early in the morning when I was listening to a podcast thinking it was @susie_dent but it was actually @susiebright … for a few minutes: mind. blown.

Did I just browse more than 100 pages of font samples looking for old school pilcrows? Why yes, yes I did. ¶

Need books by the yard to complete your intellectual decor? Coordinated by color, theme or size? Half Price Books has you covered →

Serena loses in the Wimbledon final...wonder how many more deluded guys will think they could win a point in a game (or match, no significant difference afaic) with her? →

I was thinking about adding in a bit of at the end of summer class (for students who all have their own domains and WordPress-based sites). And I will share the general idea...but actually implementing it meaningfully still feels pretty complicated!

Interesting research into the (lack of?) efficacy of trigger warnings. It makes some sense to me based on my own experience as part of a target audience for trigger warnings. Not sure what it means for me as a teacher. →

Unfortunately, this piece by Adam Serwer is not just already timeless but clearly on display in Alaska politics.

Remember that time Lt Gov Byron Mallott sexually harrassed someone and had to resign just before the elections, gifting Alaska (and the Koch brothers) with Gov Dun(ce)leavy and his damaged followers who are now merrily gutting the state?

Apparently the political writers at Slate all simultaneously learned about the newer usage of “thirsty” at the same time last night.

🎙 The most recent episode of Ear Hustle (one of my favorite pods) is about snail mail (another of my favorite things). Well worth a listen! →

Looks like the competition to be the worst Supreme Court justice in history is now in full swing…though Clarence Thomas has good reason to claim victory now.

Linguist friends: does research on mergers based on *listening* to speakers generally match with self-reporting? I've had many tell me they pronounce, say, marry and merry differently but no one else hears it.

I haven’t been this creatively empty in a long time. As in a decade or more. I am all hollowed out.

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Some fascinating sound art, from re-creation of old time radio to postmodern(ish) sound collage and everything in between -- created and/or produced by John Barber -

time passing 

@ttscoff What is the current StateOfTheBrettArt for task management? Are you still using TaskPaper and/or Omnifocus?

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