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Based on my brief forays for prescriptions, people have apparently decided the pandemic is over. Wish they’d sent/send the memo to all the recently dead and thousands yet to die. Hey, remember when 1/60th the number died in 9/11 and we went to war?

I wonder exactly when I went from angry young writer who was going to change the world to the fat, wordless guy listening to 80s hair bands while feeding his sourdough starter.

Why does @DouthatNYT get more emotional about car dealerships being burned than more living breathing people being murdered by cops? Maybe if people like him joined in the cause of bringing about reform fewer of his beloved dealerships would be on fire.

In a short session about SPLOTs and they are giving props to Reclaim Hosting too…making me miss my peeps: @cogdog @brlamb @jimgroom @sleslie

In a short session about SPLOTs and they are giving props to Reclaim Hosting too…making me miss my peeps: @cogdod @brlamb @jimgroom @sleslie

The nice thing about producing a newsletter like @notabilia is that I can have fun with unexpected juxtaposition: a sequence of Marlon James, Steinbeck, Werner Herzog, George Bernard Shaw, Ada Limón, Descartes, Tolkien, Kathy Acker, and Ogden Nash? Why not?

Myself and my trusty LactAid blade vs the pizza I am going to eat tonight.

|k| clippings newsletter #438 is out! With Mary Shelley on the grasping and selfish, Herzog on Yelp, mizzle, sculptural books, prosopagnosic art, the Tytell archive, the red phone, the conspiracists, the confined, &c. Not bad, if I may say so myself.

☕ I don’t think I can get with’s Discover coffee bias, @manton, when so much more tea is consumed than coffee. Think global, 🤣

📚 Finished The Triggering Town (Richard Hugo). Read this many times back in the day. Funny to see how much of my writing practice comes from this book. It resonates differently, and better, now that I only write poetry for my own…purposes.

Also remember this about Trump: unless he receives an unlikely thrashing by Biden, he won’t disappear personally, and then his evil force will remain strong thanks to an imperturbible base. There are worse (as bad politically, but more disguised) coming: Pence, Pompeo, Cotton…

I’ve grown to accept the WordPress Gutenberg block editor. Never thought I would learn to love it until I had to start using Drupal, whose entire editing interface is terrifically terrible.

Y’all are missing the big picture. Despite being a dunce, @realDonaldTrump has many paths to re-election. And even if we pass that cancerous turd in November, the bowels of the American body are riddled with terminal cancer. It’s the new Amerika, not an aberration.

Existence of super spreaders has been proven: there’s no way Smash Mouth has 100 fans.

Thanks @replyall … what we really needed right now is for you to re-air a story that hasn’t changed, and in which corrupt assholes like Dave Degroot still revel in their hollow, craven victory.

@Downes whatever the person affixing the label chooses...a different issue from where the label goes :)

One nice thing about leaving Alaska: not having to witness people repeatedly surprised that Lisa Murkowski has no principles, no spine, and no real care for the state. Wake up!

No one seems to appreciate my attempt to create a new rhyming slang vocabulary.

📚 Finishing The Book of Delights (Ross Gay). I started this, a year of tiny essays, one week before my mom died by suicide. I’ll finish it on the first anniversary of her death tomorrow. Prose written by a poet, micro to macro, real and absurd…awesome in the classical sense.

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