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This seems fitting to share here → We need an internet of unmonetisable enthusiasms:

@chrisaldrich How are you creating your posts that compile annotations, such as: - have you figured out some automation or ?

@Downes @bryanalexander @sleslie

That makes me think I'm unclear on differences in the timelines here. Or maybe it's a settings thing? I see no difference in what the main timelines (home, tweets/toots and tweets/toots+replies) show here or on Twitter.

@Downes @bryanalexander @sleslie How much of that is simply a matter of scale (how different would Mastodon be for you if you had 9000 followers here)?

"Insight," he said, "is almost always a rearrangement of fact." ← Caroline Knapp, Drinking: A Love Story →

@clintlalonde that caught my eye too. Seems like the kind of thing that is inevitable and unstoppable.

…This illness sharpens everything…

|n|otabilia 468 ⁂ Meena Alexander ⁂

…My god,
I thought, my whole life I've been under her
raincoat thinking it was somehow a marvel
that I never got wet…

|n|otabilia 467 ⁂ Ada Limón ⁂ "The Raincoat" ||

…My songs are never as good as they were in my head when they had limitless forms and belonged only to me. It's a leap of faith every time to share them…

|n|otabilia 466 ⁂ Jeff Tweedy ⁂ from _Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)_ || from the newsletter:

@jgmac1106 @chendricks @actualham @katebowles @dadegroot @lauraritchie @tdorey @bryanalexander @sleslie You didn’t ask me but in this general area I always and repetitively suggest Lewis Hyde’s _The Gift_

@draggin isn’t Mendeley evil, or at least Spawn of Elsevier?

@bryanalexander the slug made me think it was an 18 billion dollar donation :)

@sleslie @injenuity I’ll keep trying but I may end up needing an in-person ELI5 session.

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