@dogtrax That resonates with my Notabilia entry yesterday.

@nev I'm a slightly larger (I guess, given my scores, I would call it fatter) shard! The descriptions of each area are pretty accurate for me. For better and worse!

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@dogtrax I often think my general inability to discern frequency increase from frequency illusion is one of few indicators that I'm doing *something* right.

@sleslie @katebowles @clintlalonde

Blurgh. Pretty much every system vital to my network is turning out to be a bad actor. Where they aren't the people aren't there either.

Some fascinating sound art, from re-creation of old time radio to postmodern(ish) sound collage and everything in between -- created and/or produced by John Barber - nouspace.net/john/creative.htm

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@ttscoff What is the current StateOfTheBrettArt for task management? Are you still using TaskPaper and/or Omnifocus?

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@sleslie I'm definitely not a fan. On top of which, even using the classic editor plugin futzes with the Markdown plugin I was happily using...the only replacement for which I can find that works is Jetpack (blurgh).

This weeks turned into a themed issue! → "essence of quiescence" featuring obmutescence, silences of all kinds, philip k. dick, carthusian monks, puddles and a bunch more → katexic.com/announcements/news

I updated the Katexic WORD archive to include a half-dozen new pieces, including the latest, which is, if not the best piece I've done, certainly one of the most important to me and my community, still (always) reeling from loss. → Read and/or listen: katexic.com/kuac/

“sing-song wind-wounds” — The latest |k|atexic clippings newsletter — is out! Featuring: canorous sounds, bad sex writing, IFcomp winners, Uighurs, speciesism, paper art, a dance tutorial, &c. → katexic.com/announcements/news

@tellio Thx for the pointer. I don't have the book (yet), but I found this great video of Dicks that includes this technique: youtube.com/watch?v=x7p329Z8MD -- related: the audio series "Storytelling School with Matthew Dicks" soundcloud.com/thegist/sets/st

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@tbeckett do you similarly object to verbs such as drink, train, dress, contact, etc? Is it ok if verbs become nouns, like...fight? :)

Talent is insignificant. I know a lot of talented ruins. Beyond talent lie all the usual words: discipline, love, luck, but, most of all, endurance. ← James Baldwin →

“Yaas im-bro-glio” – the latest Katexic Clippings newsletter – is hitting email inboxes right now, featuring: contretemps, yasmin williams, black twitter, baking bros, matthew shlian, bird conspiracies, &c. → katexic.com/announcements/news

@Alonealastalovedalongthe "Stories CANNOT be fundamentally ambigious." -- except for, well, the whole strand of fiction where ambiguitiy's not a problem: Barthelme, Coover, Dick, (Jane) Bowles, Acker, Barth, Saunders, etc. It's not as broad a vein as various genre categories but it's pretty deep?

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