Maybe some “failures” of Mastodon, etc, are less about critical mass or Twitter features, more about people like me realizing that “Twitter Bad” is just a subset of “I don’t need social media” Yes, I know I’m posting this on social media.

@fncll I think what people miss about Twitter is the possibility of a mass following. They treat Twitter like a conversation, but it's more like broadcasting, and people try to have the best of both worlds. But fame is fickle, and more often than not, they get the worst of both worlds, because people flock toward harmful text, not helpful text. Mastodon removes the possibility of a mass following, and therefore the harm, but also the buzz of seeing your post retweeted 10K times.


I agree. I think there are many people who, once they are away from it for a while, realize they don’t need or care about the mass following. And then some of those then realize the same about any or most public following at any scale. I’m not surprised to not miss Twitter…I was a little surprised to forget Mastodon for a week and not really miss it either.

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