Interesting research into the (lack of?) efficacy of trigger warnings. It makes some sense to me based on my own experience as part of a target audience for trigger warnings. Not sure what it means for me as a teacher. →

@fncll interesting. From a practical standpoint I can imagine what a very difficult type of research this would be to conduct on a larger scale or with say a general undergrad population. It would take such care to set up.

For me as a teacher I work to be straight up- students know certain topics will be discussed from the handbook/outline and I give them full permission to participate or not as they wish. -nothing I'd see as sensitive, but for some it is a challenge to discuss their learning.

@lauraritchie @fncll I'm careful to avoid violent and graphic scenes because they tend to show up later in disturbing dreams, and Andrea always warns me when not to look, which I really appreciate.

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