finally took my first look at WP5 editor, and finally get what the kerfuffle is about. I think I "get" what they were trying to do, but what a shitshow compared to the old editor, no wonder so many are downloading the old plugin-based editor


@sleslie I'm definitely not a fan. On top of which, even using the classic editor plugin futzes with the Markdown plugin I was happily using...the only replacement for which I can find that works is Jetpack (blurgh).

@fncll @sleslie @clintlalonde I was grumpy defiant at first at the change. How dare they? Am seeing side effects on my themes too, sigh

It's easy to forgot what it took to get productive in the classic editor. And I did all mine in the text one.

I'm going slower; some things I am liking- access to media easier, better editing of captions, attribution line in quotes. Hide the blocks side bar for distraction less writing.

At least you can use classic or the block a while.

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