I have been reading Matthew Dicks' book "Storyworthy". Reading, enjoying and thinking how apt it is in this point in my life as memory has a tendency to slip. Part of the practice he advocates is called "Homework 4 Life". I have created a google form with two fields: name and memory. The idea is to remember one notable memory of the day or that rose during the day. The image below holds text for Day 4. The act of noting memory is helping to raise more sunken treasure every day. #Smallstories


@tellio Thx for the pointer. I don't have the book (yet), but I found this great video of Dicks that includes this technique: youtube.com/watch?v=x7p329Z8MD -- related: the audio series "Storytelling School with Matthew Dicks" soundcloud.com/thegist/sets/st

@fncll I listened to both of these before I bought the book. I also listen to him and his wife here: speakupstorytelling.libsyn.com

@fncll And thanks for responding and reciprocating and sharing.

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