It is strange that in (at least american) society there is so much variety in expression in every art form and yet there is one glaring conservative bastion. Stories CANNOT be fundamentally ambigious. They must have a clear plot, and almost everything that happens must be in service to that plot. I think it has to do with clinging to the newtonian understanding of the universe, that if you had enough information you could theoretically understand EVERYTHING from one perspective.


@Alonealastalovedalongthe "Stories CANNOT be fundamentally ambigious." -- except for, well, the whole strand of fiction where ambiguitiy's not a problem: Barthelme, Coover, Dick, (Jane) Bowles, Acker, Barth, Saunders, etc. It's not as broad a vein as various genre categories but it's pretty deep?

@fncll I don't know all of those authors but of the ones I know, they definitely write in a deeply ambigious framework. I think that the fact that you can say that this is a narrow genre of stories, and not the vast landscape surrounding the peculiar towns of Definite Narrative and Definite Characters is telling of the fact that the meaning of these stories hasn't absorbed into culture.

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