Saw a new (to me) eggcorn today: “some people put him up on a pedal stool.” In this case the image worked better than the correct version.

I must be curating my social media streams properly because I missed all the neckbearded snowflakes crying about .

I can’t believe I just noticed that there is no “I” entry in Harryette Mullen’s masterful abecedarian Sleeping with the Dictionary. I guess the book itself is the I…

Why is Biden so shrill and unlikeable?

2nd degree murder doesn’t require intent. Also, physical appearance in a mug shot means nothing.

Splitting the Booker Prize would’ve made more sense if both books were amazing. But The Testaments was barely average.

Saying someone shouldn’t have been awarded the Nobel prize isn’t advocating for their cancellation.

Every day is … for everyone. It’s just more obvious to some of us.

Guess I better move Olga Tokarczuk’s Flights up to the top of my reading list. Further suggestions of her work welcome!

Not to get all pedantic, but it’s linchpin not lynchpin. Unless you are intending the allusion.

Where I really want some AI in social media apps: bots that filter all but the first of a joke repeated scores of times in threads…and the first one when the joke is obvious (which the repeated ones always are).

Just read an exchange in which the suggested correction of “balling” to “bawling” (when referring to crying) was rejected because the former is a “colloquial spelling.” Is it?

There are still things that keep me coming back to Twitter. But in addition to the obvious terribleness the blue checkmark conversational circle je—cliquiness—is gross.

IN A WORLD WITHOUT x, y IS POSSIBLE ← jockstraps + demented tweeting || self-awareness + perfect conversations … the possibilities are endless for remixing the orange dictator’s buffoonish battology.

Trump is a festering wound. That doesn’t mean the Nickelback vid wasn’t Fair Use. My guess: it would’ve been upheld in a court considering all four factors. Weaponizing copyright sucks, no matter who it’s used against.

Why is it that people don’t understand that voluntarily ceding one’s right to Fair Use isn’t showing “respect” to anyone? If anything it’s disrespecting everyone by adding to the erosion of their already too-limited rights?

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