Are there any tools (web-based or on OS X) similar to Adobe Spark that aren't Adobe Spark?

I wish I’d learned long ago that it’s ok to “just” enjoy things as a member of the audience, a reader, a listener, to “just” be an amateur, to “just” be a fan. It’s possible to not be, or have no prospect of being, the best at something and still pursue and love it with passion.

This introduction to cryptic crosswords is excellent. I finally understand them and am intrigued. I really need another wordy obsession in my life. →

Interesting results in longer term (one month) coffee storage taste testing. Not what I expected! TL;D(wanna)R: freezing was best but opaque sealed glass jars were 2nd (and presumably better for daily storage and access).

Watching the first episode of Greatest American Hero and the current scene is backed by “contemplative funk music.” My life is complete.

I have a strong password scheme already but I just realized strings of chess moves would make a reasonably good foundation. e4e5-Nf3Nc6-Bc5 anyone?

There are many things I miss and don’t miss from my previous job but one thing I’m actively happy, every day, not to have in my life at all anymore: Slack.

Saw a new (to me) eggcorn today: “some people put him up on a pedal stool.” In this case the image worked better than the correct version.

I must be curating my social media streams properly because I missed all the neckbearded snowflakes crying about .

I can’t believe I just noticed that there is no “I” entry in Harryette Mullen’s masterful abecedarian Sleeping with the Dictionary. I guess the book itself is the I…

Why is Biden so shrill and unlikeable?

2nd degree murder doesn’t require intent. Also, physical appearance in a mug shot means nothing.

Splitting the Booker Prize would’ve made more sense if both books were amazing. But The Testaments was barely average.

Saying someone shouldn’t have been awarded the Nobel prize isn’t advocating for their cancellation.

Every day is … for everyone. It’s just more obvious to some of us.

Guess I better move Olga Tokarczuk’s Flights up to the top of my reading list. Further suggestions of her work welcome!

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