If I thought reason had a place at the table today, I’d say this tremendous visualization, running at high speed, should be everywhere: Covid Cases by State Partisanship inoreader.com/article/3a9c6e7b

I won’t watch the debate, but before I inadvertently read anything about it, I predict: Pence will calmly & condescendingly tell lies and gaslight (aka business as usual) Kamala, who (as a black woman) has to walk a tightwire to not appear “emotional,” “shrill,” or combative.

Louise Glück wins the Nobel Prize for Literature! I’m flabbergasted (in a good way). Wow.

Bat -> Human -> Stephen Miller … I didn’t know a virus could jump from mammal to insect.

RIP Eddie Van Halen. High in the pantheon of those who changed the art of guitar playing forever. So inventive. Instantly recognizable. I could never play 95% of his guitar parts but I know them all by heart. 2020 sucks.

Kind of hard to focus on anything while the world crumbles. What a farce this all is.

I understand why the online groups I enjoy most are on Facebook—and have no hope they will move—but Facebooks tactics of engagement (and anemic platform) are made crystal clear when one tries to productively use groups while avoiding all the rest.

How can Twitter become a better platform if it’s going to ban hopes and dreams?

believers are occupying all the top spots in the race to peak stupidity. What a trainwreck. aren’t far behind, but they are slowed by the incessant need to gear up in hopes of hiding their micropenii.

Or does this open the door to the equally terrifying prospect of Pence as our new theocratic leader? And what does this mean as far as electoral law if Trump died. Does Pence actually have a way to legally stand over Trump’s dead body?

Given the odds, Trump will recover (if he’s actually contracted the virus at all and this isn’t simple cowardice). Does the then claim that coronavirus is no big deal? It would make perfect sense despite 200,000 dead, given his derangement.

📚 Finished The New Wilderness (Diane Cook): a literary take on a climate dystopia whose strength—family, literal & metaphorical—is as compelling as the pacing & believability of their daily lives is weak. But the neurodivergent daughter’s perspective makes it Booker-worthy.

You know who you can be sure isn’t a provocative truth teller? Anyone who labels themselves a provocative truth teller.

I now own (and wear!) three baseball style caps. That is exactly three more than I ever thought I would. Thanks, Covid.

The real debate mystery: how can Trump simultaneously talk and interrupt so much while never seeming to physically close his sphinctery mouth?

I know how to excise Pinterest results from my searches in every search engine I own. What I want is something that tears those results from the soil everywhere and salts the earth so nothing Pinterest will grow there again. And then do the same with Pinterest itself.

No sympathy for Epic here: if you want to participate in a closed ecosystem, you abide by that system’s rules. If you don’t like them, you can stop playing. Disliking such close sytems is a fine moral position, but trying to force them open through the courts is BS.

Even if sports programs in higher ed make a profit for their school—and that’s a linebacker-sized caveat given how unclear the numbers really are—coaches’ salaries are obscene.

McConnell is a turtle-headed cockwomble. But the real ghoulishness is Amy Coney Barrett using everything RBG did for women to climb over her corpse in anticipation of kicking the ladder away.

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