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One week later, I have gained exactly one follower on [[Twitter]] ~ @Twitter.
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I'll call it the [[1657 effect]] if nobody minds.

[[Oliver Cromwell]], [[Quakers]] and the [[Republic of Letters]] all had a good year it seems?

Fine tuning gpt-3 seems straightforward enough if you go through [[open ai]], but what if you want to keep it all in the open? Something built off [[hugging face]]?

Una [[persona]] que dice lo que va a decir en vez de decirlo

In the [[Agora of Flancia]] V1, your storage is a [[git repository]]. In the V2, this repository can be a [[Google Drive]] or a [[Dropbox]] or a [[Solid Pod]]. In general the Agora tries to implement [[IPFS]] or something equivalent.
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@flancian The storage is on my device, right?

This [[Unité d'habitation]] in Marseille looks incredible, a bit [[arcology]] like; who is designing this kind of building/community space nowadays?

Now, after yoga, I'll do a few pomodoros (just 30' blocks of work really) trying to fix one of the Agora bots. Then call it a night early; tomorrow I work (like most of us probably).

Currently the Agora only links; doesn't store. But if you ask it to store, the Agora of Flancia will try to store messages for you -- as a [[good steward]] of your [[digital self determination]] rights.

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If everything goes well this month we will open the floodgates to the Agora: you will be able to write copies of your messages to the [[Agora of Flancia]] (or one of your choosing) from all supported platforms, including social media (Twitter, Fediverse currently).

I believe one of the greatest thinkers of the 21st century will identify as an [[Agora]].

I am looking to help someone month to month with a basic income but we've run into an issue: they can't open a bank account because they have no "proof of employment"; does anyone know of a lightweight way to solve this kind of bureaucratic problem, ideally on a global scope? Is there a platform that allows one to set up solidary scholarships for arbitrary people, for example?

(Thank you for boosting for visibility if someone in your social environment might know the answer to this!)

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