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At work during breaks I often catch up with personal messaging, reaching out to friends and other loved ones.

I just did that and felt the impulse to ask my cat (Lady Burup) how she was doing at home.

Decoupling the book chapter about the Agora from the longer term objective of publishing some kind of paper, they are complementary in many ways but I need to focus on the task at hand

roadrunner and coyote thread from solnit’s “the faraway nearby”

August I plan to be more online as I work on [[agora paper]] in public.

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I've been more offline than ever for the last month or so, what did I miss?

"es una voz que no combina con la cara" -- mi [[mamá]]

.@mozilla should be reopened IMHO

I just tried adding as my default search engine on 91.11.0esr and I was surprised how bad the experience was.

[[peter singer]]
RT @ericesheng
Peter Singer will be teaching a class on Peter Singer at Princeton next semester

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