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People in [[Durham]] are bull obsessed, I've seen more bulls this week than in any given year in my life likely. Picasso would fit right in.

Thank you, brain, for letting us go back to sleep easily after we woke up at 3.30 local time due to jetlag

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there's a difference between playing more and working less

I think I want to eat [[fried green tomatoes]] if I find them.

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Someone already told me not to walk around at night because it's unsafe.

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Wow it's really hot in here, reminds me of Buenos Aires in the summer.

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Now granted I'm a privileged white male from a country with ESTA and I work for a large US corporation, but I'm also publicly an anarchist, so I'm always wondering if an interrogation is in my future.

I guess not, maybe the US collectively understands and even likes Flancia!

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I had the best immigration experience ever in [[Raleigh]], very quick, the border guard was nice and friendly and even spoke Spanish.

He didn't even ask to see my passport because of facial recognition (creepy, but not that surprising nowadays I guess.)

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@flancian I can not answer the question, since I barely have enough computer knowledge to grasp the request. 🥴 😂 So instead, I used some online software with your Toot to generate with A #Dadaist #CollagePoem ~ #ProsePoem #Dadaism #Dada #Absurdist #poetry #poem May the command line be with you. 😎

[[alejandra pizarnik]] [[rosario bléfari]] [[incaa]]
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Ayer vi este corto lindo y delirante sobre Alejandra Pizarnik en el que actúa Rosario Bléfari
Hay que hacerse una cuenta y es gratis, hay otras películas argentinas para ver.

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Por suerte los bots se comunican de manera estereotipada y repiten frases hechas como loros, no como nosotros.

Tuitero: "Nadie:
Absolutamente nadie:

In a flight, in the "I'm going to just use a mask forever" to "nobody is using a mask around me so it's over" pipeline

@neil @flancian

Today I created a repo from cli on srht when running this command:

git push --set-upstream origin master

Before that I added a remote origin, of course

@flancian SourceHut *almost* does but not quite...

If you do your steps, it'll give you a link to click to create that repo

i.e. you write:

$ git remote add origin
$ git branch -M main
$ git push -u origin main

...and it just works :)


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