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@flancian decade ago I could only write late into the night,
nearing deadlines.
Unlike my hero Douglas Adams
I never liked the whooshing sound they make
Since then I learned a few things:

1) Don't prepare the words prepare the feelings
2) Be ready to catch the feeling
3) Greet the light

@flancian depends on what you mean by corporation. nonprofits in the US are corporations you ever get the feeling most corporations are essentially... zombies? Like, there's nobody home in a certain way. You try to interact with them, you use their products, and although they've got a lot going for them they're not consistent/organic in the way you would expect a working thinking human group to behave. has 1.3k active users, and has cross posted more than 400k tweets/toots for them!

[[moa party]]

How can I improve the people directory?

I have a few ideas:

- Allow registration via statuses that contain hashtag topics so you don't need to pollute your bio

- User avatars (held off on this as it would require moderation)

- Topic intersection (group results by multiple topics)

- Filter by instance/domain

- Use localStorage to keep track of profiles you seen to show fresher results

Any more? Boosts appreciated! #fediverseInfo #activitypub

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One of my favorite things about the "social network" hiding in @hypothes_is is that there's a sort of article I can visit & all my favorite friends & thinkers have already marked it to pieces! Hello! @flancian @TrailMarks @kixiQu @moonlion_eth

Thread: #OtD 13 May 1985 Philadelphia police attacked the home of Black liberation and environmental group MOVE, then dropped a bomb on it, killing 5 adults and 6 children, destroying 61 homes in the predominantly Black neighbourhood, and making 250 people homeless.

[[flancia meet]] is later today (Saturday 2022-05-14) at 9AM UTC, all are welcome!

Because Agora rooms are bridged between Matrix and Discord, [[matrix]] saves the day

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I think @discord will maybe lose out to @matrixdotorg (or something built on it) in the medium term because of things like this

(I'm very privileged to be able to eat well, would like to help others with my privilege if I can.)

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@phonetonote Paging @flancian, @an_agora, et al. These folks look and sound like us if you've not yet met.

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