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Maybe it’s time to dig into the non-blockchain smart contract idea that’s been floating around for a while. Drop the PoW and transaction fees, but maintain the trustless verification and open data/code

Maybe appealing to people who don’t 100% like how Web3 works right now

Note that *we only store a link to your post, we don't grab post content at this point in time*.

v2, which we'll work on next, will store the post content in a git repository of the user's choice. The intent here is to make sure that users are always in control of their data.

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Note that in you can enable 'auto pull external resources' in settings, which should cause the Agora to automatically embed every tweet/toot for you (instead of requiring you to push 'pull').

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"try to" here mostly means: it will wait until Twitter lets it read the post (the API limits seem quite strict), then try to do 1 and 2.

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[[agora bot]] Twitter integration is now online. If you follow @an_agora or mention it, *and* use a [[wikilink]] in a tweet, the Agora will try to:

1. respond to your post with links to the Agora.
2. attach a link to your post in all the nodes you mentioned.
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One of my favourite art books. It's got testimonies of people from the [[DDR]] remembering torn down monuments and changed buildings.

[[detachment]] [[sophie calle]…

Again @TwitterDev is limiting @an_agora for no obvious reason -- getting 429 constantly, so responses will be delayed. We'll get to your messages eventually though :) That's the commitment of the [[Agora]].


I sometimes complain a lot about corporations, but mostly they are like little babies really. Only dimly conscious.

Four hours left to vote on [[round two]] of [[cat tournament]]!
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ROUND 1 is now closed, the results are in!

time for ROUND 2 🧵

One of my favourite art books. It's got testimonies of people from the [[DDR]] remembering torn down monuments and changed buildings.

[[detachment]] [[sophie calle]]

Please note that [[wikilinks everywhere]] trivially yields cross-platform [[annotated bookmarks]].

I'll now stop faking manual [[wikilink dumping]]. Let it go as I finally automate it. About to write tweet logging code in [[agora bot]] for Twitter (I do features for Twitter first as the Twitter bot has more users).

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PSA: I'm trying to organize a worldwide revolution that does a friendly takeover of the internet to steer it towards maximizing the thriving of all [[conscious beings]].

I run with [[public logs]] to the extent it doesn't vulnerate other people's privacy; I consider it an integral part of [[open ethics]]. Please let me know if you'd like to see my logs.

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Much love to all of our friends who have accepted us and made us to feel safe.

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David and I have decided to come out as plural. We are two distinct personalities sharing the same physical body. We have many theories as to how we got this way, but regardless, here we are now. In the last few months we've done a lot of bonding, healing, and peace making.

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