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Some [[agora users]] are human, some are silicon. Some are egregores.

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My biggest technical dream would be to have every writer become a coder: have a system that can optionally decode general descriptions of the world into a declaration of intents that can then be implemented best-effort.

My dream is that some day some part of Flancia will go viral.

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Want to read something potentially [[cringe]]?

If yes continue.

I consider the internet to be on the same level as the invention of fire, and social media is [[gunpowder]].

On Sundays I run [[garbage collect]] and [[synthesis]].

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@flancian i dunno, i think some stimulant use definitely falls under the moloch umbrella (e.g. everyone else is taking them, so you must too, or be out-competed!)

but there's also like the adhd person often having trouble keeping their living space clean without taking stimulants (it me)

Found this sleeve on the street. Turned out to contain a different record, but one I love.

Hypothesis: [[moloch]] is the god of [[caffeine]], or more widely of stimulants. Explore.

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My personal intents are codified with the greatest fidelity afforded to me in this Agora:

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Agora clients can optionally also implement the execution of [[intents]] on behalf of users. Wikilinks serve to express an intent to engage in the use of the Agora Protocol in accordance to the latest reasonably endorsed [[contract]].

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Note you can use [[wikilinks]] anywhere; most platforms do not support them, but [[agora protocol]] clients can resolve them into any URLs that announce themselves as willing to serve the matching [[agora node]].

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Square brackets, [[ and ]], are an example of a technical device that aids inter-connectivity. They work as metadata hints that can serve to bootstrap a [[distributed knowledge graph]]. In general if they bother you feel free to ignore them; apologies.

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To be in an [[agora]] is to seek knowledge and mutual understanding in public, being explicitly willing to cooperate with others towards goals stated as shared.

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