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[[michelson interferometer]] [[aether]]

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@flancian The idea is that the reason the Michelson interferometer doesn't show any aether drift is that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle prevents it. You are trying to measure the velocity of the aether but also accidentally the wavelengths of two interfering beams of light.

@vera this happened, I guess because of a change in .gitignore? (didn't check, sorry, guessing)

should I commit these?

Imagine having a bot impersonating [[richard feynman]] that was willing to [[rubber duck]] for you.


If you tell an Agora when to push, it will [[push]] for you.

@an_agora @agora

Imagine a person who is beautiful but lives without knowledge of it.

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@flancian @DougInAMug @an_agora it's not broken it's just computationally diverse

re-found [[the illustrated transformer]], which I remember liking before the Agora was around. There's a lot of ML stuff that I've never backfilled, so here goes :)


Love @hypothes_is for reading papers. It's technology that didn't exist when I was in university.

I hope this kind of bare hyperlinking/cross referencing annotation can be generally useful.

Go link:

[[ocell]] tagging along with us as we start the day reading "outside" (in the balcony)

TIL about [[1 forms]].
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A 1-form is something you integrate along a path: for example the "f(x) dx" you see inside an integral is a 1-form.

Heat is not a function: it's a 1-form. This confused everyone for a while, and it still confuses plenty of people now.


[[yoga]] for the day, 21 minutes long.

I like balance practice.

Thank you @yogawithadriene.

Have you ever done [[magic mushrooms]]?

@an_agora [[yes]] [[no]]
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@flancian the inaturalist map for psilocybes also does well for this purpose 😏

It was in [[the garden of forking paths]] that I found an [[agora]].


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If you also write to the files, you [[fork]] the Agora.

I love forks on the road. Many roads converge down the road; don't worry too much about forking. You honor others by forking paths, as you're potentially inviting them for a walk. They need only [[join]] you.

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Even if you literally only clone the [[git]] repositories, you already have your own Agora: the Agora *is* in those files that you now own in your solid state drive.

With those files and just your computer you can run an [[agora]]. Even reading the files makes the Agora real.

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